Monday, April 25, 2011

Operation Flashpoint: Red Hammer

 | PC Game | Genre: Modern First-Person Shooter | {177 Mb}

In this expansion pack to Codemasters' complex shooter, you jump into the shoes of a Russian soldier and see what the war was like from the other side. The campaign itself unfolds over 20 new missions with a new lead character, Dimitri Lukin of the Soviet force, a trained killer and an experienced soldier. After the assault on Malden, Dimitri finds himself cut off behind enemy lines. You'll have to help Dimitri get back to the island of Everon. Along the way, you'll grab some promotions and find yourself imbedded in a personal war that is just beginning for Dimitri.

* Try what it takes to be a soldier in war: Accurately modeled U.S. and Soviet Cold War gear available
* Drive and fly over 30 authentic vehicles and aircraft: Complete infantry, mobile, armor and aircraft in one single tactical game with full immersion
* Command squads of troops: Commanding of up to 12 units with plenty of tactical and strategic options
* Play the enthralling campaign or solo missions: Using stealth, tactics or all-out-assault to combat your enemies
* Explore sprawling 100km2 battlezones: Large-scale, highly accurate and detailed 3D environment with accurate visual representation of modern military
* Create your own mission and scenarios: Built-in, full featured mission editor
* Multiplayer combat over LAN and Internet: Full support of commanding options, all types of units and weapons


Game Notes:
Operation Flashpoint Gold contains the latest version of the full game (version 1.3), this comes with all the additional vehicles, weapons and missions made available since the game's European launch, along with enhanced multiplayer functionality and many additional code updates.

The Gold version includes the Red Hammer: The Soviet Campaign. Red Hammer is an entirely new 20-mission campaign that has the player fighting as part of the Soviet force. With a new central character Dmitri Lukin, new Russian accented voices and fresh cut scenes.

Whats Ripped?
The music, hardware T&L files and the old campaign, '1985'.

Install Instructions:
1.: Unrar and run Setupreg.exe to set your registry entries.
2.: Use OpFlashPreferences.exe to select your hardware (do not select hardware T&L).
3.: Start the game with OperationFlashpoint.exe

 Password:- raja
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