Monday, April 25, 2011

Rail Road Tycoon II

               | Genre: Business Strategy | {64 Mb}

The sequel to the legendary Railroad Tycoon, Railroad Tycoon II, puts gamers in control of 34 cargo types and 51 train engines from around the world. Players can span the ages from 1804 to beyond 2000 while establishing transportation empires and outmaneuvering fellow robber barons. Scenarios allow for world-wide exploration and expansion. A sophisticated economy and stock market for Wall Street plunderers lets players test their entrepreneurial prowess. Whether building railroads across the unexplored American West in or acting as a technological pioneer in the far future,players must carefully manage their railroad for success.
Gamespot Rating: 9.1

* Create the dominant force in the railroad industry;
* manage every aspect of the company;
* three modes of play;
* learn the game with the Tutorial mode;
* tackle challenging situations in the Campaign mode

* If the Game occurs any error, so run it via Win98 compatibility ( By Choosing from Properties of exe file)
* and click yes for any other error.

Password:- raja 



Dykrullah said...

oya kak kox malah yang muncul Invalid or Deleted File?

sebelumnya salam kenal ya kak.

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